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相识最新的海内国际时事热点;学习隧道的时政英语表达,请关注Global Times 逐日的双语社评。Photo: ICWhite Paper expounds China’s relationship with the worldThe State Council Information Office issued a white paper titled "China and the World in the New Era" on Friday. This is the first governmental white paper that has comprehensively expounded the relationship between China and the world. The white paper focuses on China's international outlook, its development objectives and the role it plays with a purpose to increase the international community's understanding on China's development. 9月27日,办公室揭晓《新时代的中国与世界》白皮书。

作为首部全面系统论述中国与世界关系的综合性政府白皮书,它先容了新时代中国的世界观、生长观、角色观,以增进国际社会对中国生长的相识和明白。The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century and China's relationship with the outside world is at a critical juncture. How will China that has grown strong get along with the world? Outsiders have never paid such great attention to the question as today. Due to a pervasive cognitive bias among them, the "China threat" theory is on the rise. Therefore it's imperative to make them acquire a deeper understanding of China's views. 面临百年未有之大变局,中国与外部世界的关系正处在一个关键节点上。强大起来的中国,将如何与世界相处?外界对这个重大问题的关注从未像今天这样广泛、深切、聚焦,而且存在较为普遍的认知偏差,“中国威胁论”因此有了市场。当此之际,让外界更深入地相识中国的“三观”就显得十分须要了。

At the early days of the reform and opening-up, the outside world judged China based on two common standpoints. The first one was that China is poor and weak – a fact at the onset of the reform and opening-up. The other one was China is transforming. Many presumed that the so-called transformation meant a transition from a Communist country to a Western model. As stereotyped as the two judgments were, they still were widely accepted at that time. 从革新开放开始,外界对中国有两个基本定位或者说判断。第一是,中国比力穷,比力弱。在革新开放初期简直如此。第二是中国正在转型。

在不少人看来,所谓转型,是中国会从西方人眼中的共产党国家逐渐向西方模式转变。这两个判断逐渐成为外界一些人对中国的刻板印象。However, they are no longer valid in recent years. First of all, China is not a poor and weak country anymore. After 40 years of reform and opening-up, the country's economy has grown rapidly and its comprehensive strength has not been what it used to be. Given China's size and population, the country attaining prosperity and power is a miraculous achievement in human history. Second, instead of transforming into a Western model, China has embarked on a development path with Chinese characteristics – what the outside world has called the China model. 今天,这两个刻板印象被彻底打破。



The impact the two changes have had on the relationship between China and the world is far-reaching and complex. China's achievements and its contribution to global economic growth in recent years have been recognized and respected by most countries in the world. The country's success has inspired some developing countries. However, as China didn't take the Western road, nor did it yield to pressure yet has risen rapidly, some elites in a few Western countries are disappointed, frustrated and dissatisfied. 这两点转变对中国与世界关系的影响是基础性的,也是极其庞大的。中国这些年取得的生长结果以及对促进世界经济做出的孝敬,获得了世界大部门国家的认可与尊重。一些生长中国家则从中国的乐成实践中获得启发,但有少部门西方国家的精英感应失望、失落和不满,因中国没按他们设想的走西方门路而失望,因中国实力快速提升而失落,因中国不惧压力据理力争而不满。China has grown into a giant. But speculations are swirling over how China will use its power. It's understandable and we should not regard all external suspicions and misunderstandings as hostilities against China. 大家都看到了中国已发展为一个巨人,但一些国家对中国会怎样使用手中强大的气力,心存疑虑。

这其实也是可以明白的,我们不应一概而论,将外界的疑虑、误解都视之为对中国的排挤和敌视。After all, it is not easy to convince the world the Western logic – that a country is destined to seek hegemony after becoming strong – does not apply to China. Continuous efforts are needed. The white paper reflects China's commitments to the world. It will to some extent alleviate the anxieties and upsets caused by China's rise. 究竟,西方国家在崛起历程中“国强必霸”的现象,给世界留下的烙印太深了。

要让外界真正相信西方的崛起逻辑不适用于中国,并非易事,得有一个渐进的历程。白皮书是中国政府对世界的真情广告和庄严答应,必将在一定水平上缓解外界对中国崛起所发生的紧张与不适。Three major consensuses have been formed from the experiences and lessons of the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China. First, work hard to build the country with self-reliant efforts; second, realize mutual benefits and win-win cooperation; third, never seek hegemony. Sticking to these, the stronger China becomes, the greater the role it will play in promoting world peace and development. 新中国建立70年以来,经由对无数次履历和教训的深刻总结,中国社会形成了堪称根深蒂固的三大共识:第一,做好自己的事,也就是自力重生艰辛奋斗;第二,大家一起生长,也就是互利共赢;第三,我不欺人,人不欺我,也就是永不称霸。

这样的中国越强大,就越能为世界宁静与生长注入更大的正能量。The white paper also displays the open-mindedness and goodwill of the Chinese people. China opened its door to the world when it was poor and weak. China can't isolate itself after it gains strength, because we know well that sound interactions between China and the world are mutually benefiting. 白皮书展现出中国政府和人民对外部世界的开放心态和善意。中国在穷弱时打开国门搞建设,拥抱世界;中国在强大时更不行能走向自我关闭、敏感狭隘。